Jesus said he came to earth to serve, and at The Vineyard, we want to be just like that. Every week we’ve got outreach events, including Free Soda Giveaways, Free Lunch Giveaways, One Dollar Car Washes, Free Community Movie Nights and various other service projects that are all designed to share God’s love with our community and to help you find a passion for serving people. One of our most popular outreaches is the $1 Dollar Car Wash. What we do is put signs on the road saying that we are having a One Dollar Car Wash. We wash people’s cars, and then when they think it is time to pay, we hand them a dollar.


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It doesn’t take anything but a heart to serve to get involved with outreach at The Vineyard. Come and join us almost every Saturday at 10:00 for an outreach event. We look forward to seeing you there!

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